Pulling your own Mozzarella can make all of the difference in your salad or sandwich. It is definitely worth the effort.

Difficulty: Challenging

  1. Crumble the mozzarella curd into small chunks and bring to room temperature
  2. Bring one gallon of the water to a rolling boil
  3. Set aside the other gallon of water in a bowl and fill with ice
  4. Place the curd in a bowl, add the salt and pour the boiling water over the curd
  5. Using two large spoons, begin to gather the curd toward one side of the bowl until a solid mound has formed
  6. Using your hands, stretch and pull the mozzarella and return to a ball several times until a smooth, dough like ball has formed
  7. Make baseball sized balls and using your thumb and index finger, separate each ball from the mass and drop it into the ice water
  8. Continue this procedure until all of the curd is used
  9. Allow the cheese to cool in the ice water and serve